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Why do we provide your first hour free?

It's the way we introduce our service to business owners. Many of our first-timers benefit substantially from their free hour and ask us to continue working with them. It's a win/win process. Rather than 'tell' you how we can help your computer management, we'd prefer to show you for free.

So if you're a Perth business looking for a computer consultant to help you manage your computer systems, call 08 9370 4084 now.

Call today

During your free hour, you'll be given the opportunity to outline your current situation, explain the problem issues you are experiencing and how you see your needs developing in the future.

We'll answer all your questions and provide you with a clear recommended direction to follow.

We can help you with your networking, server infrastructure, hardware and software options, communications and future proofing.

After your free hour, you'll definitely be in a position to know whether Carrington will be of great benefit to your business in the future.

This simple step may prove to be a major turning point for your business. Call 08 9370 4084 now (Perth businesses only).

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Audio Testimonial

John Wood

"Nothing seems to be too big a problem for Carrington"

John Wood, Executive Chairman of National Lifestyle Villages tells why he has been using Carrington for 7 years, as his business has expanded from 1 to 150 workstations.

Business: Award winning developer of affordable lifestyle villages, currently in 5 locations.

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